Test Security

Test Security

One goal, many measures.

Without the highest standard of test security, all of the other advantages of iTEP are meaningless. The goal of test security is simple: to get an accurate result for a test-taker. The measures taken to ensure this goal are many.

The security protocols below are followed and closely monitored at all Certified iTEP Test Centers administering iTEP for admissions purposes. Naturally, tests administered by institutions on their campuses for placement or other purposes may follow different protocols.

  • FotoSure, a proprietary test security program developed by the iTEP team, snaps and stores digital photographs of the test-taker throughout the exam period. During the grading process, trained iTEP graders review the photos to ensure that the person who was approved to take the exam completed each section him or herself, without aid or substitution. Along with the test scores, these images can be used by institutions and companies to verify the person who sat for the exam.
  • iTEP questions are streamed live from an item bank while the test-taker is sitting in front of the computer taking the exam. Thus, no two exams are exactly alike, even if they’re taken side-by-side and at the same time.
  • One or more qualified test administrators is present at all times in our secure and thoroughly vetted testing facilities. The administrators move about the room and make sure that candidates are not violating security policies.
  • Prior to taking the iTEP exam, the test-taker must present the test administrator with a government-issued picture ID, which must match the identification information provided during registration.
  • Test-takers are seated so that they are not able to view the work of others. Computer stations are separated by partitions.
  • Reference materials or tools and other personal effects (such as dictionaries, mobile phones, audio recording devices, notebooks, etc.) are not permitted in the room during the test. Smoking, eating, or drinking are prohibited as well.
  • During the testing process, candidates may only have two items on their desk: a pen or pencil, and one sheet of paper for note taking in the listening and speaking sections. The notepaper is collected at the end of the test, though it is not graded.
  • The administrator reserves the right to dismiss anyone from the test or declare a candidate’s test results void if the candidate violates any of the above conditions or fails to follow the administrator’s instructions during the test.

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